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Mercedes-AMG GT to get minor power upgrade

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Jan 09, 2018
Mercedes-AMG GT to get minor power upgrade

Upcoming facelift of Mercedes’ sportscar will get a mild bump up in power and subtle styling changes.Mercedes’ Porsche 911 rival, the Mercedes-AMG GT, will be getting a mild power boost as part of the upcoming refresh, along with subtle cosmetic changes.

The Mercedes-AMG GT’s mid-life facelift has been spotted testing with light camouflage on its bumpers to hide changes made there.

The changes are set to be minor as the sportscar’s exterior design was last tweaked after the launch of its GT R and GT C models in late 2016. The changes included fitment of a larger Panamerica front grille.

The GT, which was introduced to Mercedes' line-up in 2014, will also get a small upgrade in power from its turbocharged eight-cylinder engine.

The current standard car produces 476hp from its 4.0-litre V8, but the unit produces up to 585hp in the Mercedes-AMG GT R, showing how much available room for performance there is. Expect the base model to edge towards 507hp, with the S and C models above it also raising their current 522hp and 557hp respective outputs.

The top AMG GT R could also receive a boost, although that car's output is understood to be limited by the fitment of a dry sump. AMG may choose to integrate the wet sump system of the E 63, which produces 611hp in the S that uses the same V8, to enable a more substantial increase.

The updated AMG GT range will come at the tail end of a heavy range expansion for AMG, where a new GT four door model will be launched. Although linked in name, the car will be more technically related to AMG E-class models than the GT sports car.

AMG is also launching a new hybrid line-up, which starts with the CLS 53 later this year, to kick-start an electrified performance range. However, there are no plans to integrate hybrid technology into the current GT model.